BLOSSOM BLAST “What It Means to Be a Woman” #IWD2017

1st March – 18th March

Blossom Blast 2017 「女性であること」


「Blossom Blast」は、女性の夢、熱意、努力を賞賛し、日本の才能あふれる女性アーティストを一人でも多く紹介することを目的とした企画展示です。3月8日 「国際女性デー」 (IWD) に合わせ、TokyoDex と UltraSuperNew ギャラリーは、キュレーター サイトウ・ミキと共に、今年の展示コンセプト 「女性であること」 をテーマに、女性として立ち向かう強さや困難、男女格差の問題を取り扱う作品をご紹介します。

Blossom Blast 2017 “What It Means to Be a Woman”

Globally, female artists exert an incredible influence in the art scenes of cities worldwide, Tokyo notwithstanding. However, the playing field remains far from level, and this poses a gender equality issue in the arts. The number of practicing female artists are still eclipsed by the number of men, and the average price paid for artwork created by women is lower than that of their male counterparts, reflecting a problematic trend around the world.

“Blossom Blast” is an exhibition that celebrates femininity and showcases the amazing talent pool of ambitious female artists in Japan. In tandem with International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrated globally on March 8, TokyoDex and UltraSuperNew have invited curator Miki Saito to gather a group of artists who explore the concept of this year’s show, “What It Means To Be A Woman” today.

Exhibition Period/展示期間


国際女性の日 レセプションパーティー
3月8日(水) 19:00~22:00

Date: Mar 1st (Wed) – Mar 18th (Sat)
Time: 10:00am – 7:00pm

International Women’s Day Reception Party
7:00pm – 10:00pm on March 8th (Wed)
Entrance free


UltraSuperNew Gallery
1-1-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

*JR Harajuku Station (Takeshita Ex.) – 6 mins walk
*Tokyo Metro / Kitasando Station (Ex. 2) – 6 mins walk
*Tokyo Metro / Meiji Jingumae Station (Ex. 5) – 10 mins walk

UltraSuperNew Gallery
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-1-3


Artists / 参加アーティスト

Kuristina Culina
Hannah van Ginkel
Sabrina Horak
Calligrapher Mami
Kit Pancoast Nagamura
Miki Saito
Rika Shimasaki

Key Visual Artwork: “Fontana Eli Fontana” by Sabrina Horak (2015)

Rotating Easel: A Different Guest Artist Every Day!

March 1: Erika Ward

March 2: Caroline Dong

March 3: Rajul Shah

March 4: Eva Sol

March 5 Junel Che

March 6: Natale Adgnot

March 7: Divya Marie Kato

March 8: Gerutama

March 9: Rie Miyoshi

March 10: Maiko Miyagawa

March 11: BEA

March 12 Sofia Hjortberg

March 13: Chiyun Yo

March 14: Kimiko Tatsuzawa (Adobe Artist)

March 15: Kana Saechout

March 16: Ayami Nonaka

March 17: Mayo

March 18: Nayoon Kim

Event Sessions / イベントセッション

2017年3月4日 (土) 17:00 ~ 20:00
“Women In The Arts”

特別公演:「日本で女性が活躍するという事」by SBI アートオークション 塚田萌菜美
“Blossom Blast” について by Miki Saito
パネルディスカッション ”女性作家としての挑戦”(Kit Nagamura, Kuristina Curina, Rika Shimasaki)

Special Seminar: “Female Force in the Arts” by Monami Tsukada (SBI Art Auction, Contemporary Art Specialist)
Blossom Blast Curator’s Talk by Miki Saito
“Challenges as a female artist” panel discussion with artists (Kit Nagamura, Kuristina Curina, Rika Shimasaki)

参加方法: Facebook Event Page

2017年3月11日 (土) 13:00 ~ 22:00
“Bae Tokyo Day”

Chocoholic Music Workshop
Panel discussion “Women and Freedom” (Bae Tokyo Founder and Director, Jayda B. and YonYon)
Closing Party (Jayda B. and YonYon, Imani + Asia)

参加方法: Facebook Event Page

2017年3月12日 (日) 14:00 ~ 16:00
“Men Support Women”, produced by Lean In Tokyo

Guest Speakers: Metlife CEO, Sachin Shah, PwC Japan Partner, Simon Gealy, Australian Embassy and Shouichi Yamashita

参加方法(無料 定員80名様): Facebook Event Page, イベント詳細ページ, イベント申し込みフォーム

2017年3月16日 (日) 19:30 ~ 21:30
Workshop by Divya Marie Kato “What does female empowerment look like?”

参加方法: Facebook Event Page

Curated by / キュレーション・主催

Miki Saito


UltraSuperNew Gallery

Sponsored by / 協賛

アドビ システムズ 株式会社


Supported by / 協力


Lean in Tokyo

Me-Fie Photo Booth


MetLife, Inc


PwC Japan

Crowd Funding / クラウドファンディング

Blossom Blast 2017 | INDIEGOGO
Female Artists Gather in Tokyo to Raise Awareness for Women’s Rights #IWD2017

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