June 19th – August 11th, 2014

UltraSuperNew Creative Team present “DECO-KASA” an exhibition celebrating decoration and the umbrella. From our studio in Harajuku to the world – create your own limited edition DECO-KASA using our specially designed waterproof decals that can be placed on the iconic clear plastic umbrella.

We have developed six collections: Fantasy, Spectrum, Urban, Animals, Poly-Animals and Ultraset. Fantasy collection is composed of a variety of formal elements to create original worlds. Spectrum is a series of color abstractions inspired by reflection and refraction of light in water droplets. Urban is based on objects from city homes and public spaces. Animals and Poly-Animals collections offers two different styles containing a variety of reptiles, mammals, birds, insects and amphibians. Ultraset is our original typographic collection.

Be original this rainy season by styling your very own DECO-KASA!

憂鬱な雨の日を楽しむ新しいアプローチとしてUltraSuperNewのCreative TeamはDECO傘展を企画しました。オリジナル防水ステッカーを傘に貼れば、自分だけのDECO傘を作れます。