Exposition by Delphine Cossais and MIKA

September 21st – 24th, 2016

USN Galleryにてアートの展示会が決定しました!!

Delphine Cossais (デルフィーヌ・コセ)とMIKA (ミカ)はパリ、ロンドン、ニューヨークにて展示会を行う国際的なアーティスト。 それぞれの表現力で作品を作り上げますが、時にはコラボレーションして一つの作品を手掛けることもあります。一見、異なるスタイルで不調な芸術感性ともとれる二人ですが、共に絵を描くことに尽力しています。 キャンバスを背中合わせにして、限定された色を使い、言葉や物などもあえて制限したり… その結果、お互いを補うような作品が仕上がり、一つのキャンバスに二人で描くことにも発展しました。イメージしているテーマ、歌詞など話し合いをした上で作品に取り掛かります。そのイメージからお互いが持つそれぞれの解釈で感情、音、色彩を表現します。こうして、色彩豊かで、遊び心のある、魅力的な素晴らしい作品が生まれるのです。

We’re excited to announce that French artists, Delphine and MIKA are having their exhibit at USN Gallery!! Don’t miss this opportunity to check out their artwork. The exhibit is only for 4 days…!!!
Also, we’re having an opening party! You can meet the artists and make some cool friends!

Delphine Cossais and MIKA had exhibitions in Paris, London and New York. They have their own style but also works collaboratively on duo paintings. The couple is committing to painting together, in spite of their seemingly incongruous artistic sensibilities. So they put their canvases back to back, and set parameters to work within: a limited palate of colors, words and objects. The resulting paintings compliment each other so well, they evolved to painting together on the same canvas. Though they set out with an agreed upon theme in mind, such as a song lyric, each artist would contribute their own interpretation to that theme with feelings, sounds and colors. And the results are stunning: colorful, playful, intriguing.

​Artist ​Profile/アーティスト​プロフィール

Delphine Cossais(デルフィーヌ・コセ)はフランスのパリ出身。彼女が絵を通して作り上げるのは、非常にフェミニンで、複雑な模様や豊かな質感で作られた詩世界の中に夢見る少女が現れたような世界観です。想像上のキャラクター達は魅力的な表情、鋭い眼差し、そして柔らかく、優しい側面を持っています。これは画家であるDelphine自身の優しさを反映しています。

​M​IKA (ミカ)はフランスのパ=ド=カレー地域の生まれ。

Delphine Cossais was born in Paris, France. The world she creates through painting is extremely feminine and full of intricate patterns, rich texture, subtle hues and dreamy girls in poetic settings. Her imaginary characters have captivating expressions, intense glances, yet always soft and tender, reflecting the soft-hearted painter that she is. Her website is: http://delphinecossais.typepad.fr

Mika was born in Pas-de-Calais, France. He first trained himself drawing landscapes and portraits. The world he creates through his art is inspired by both punk music and French poetry. His work is spontaneous and naive. In the course of his experimentations, as a self-taught artist, Mika confirms his style playing with shapes to build his characters and combining vivid colors to give them cheerfulness and spirit to his everyday life scene. He relishes mixing colors and shapes in a fantastically unbridled production full of energy.

Exhibition Period/展示期間

​※Opening Party 9月21日 午後6時〜​

Dates: September 21st – 24th
Time: 10am – 7pm
​*Opening Party​: Sep 21st, 6pm – 9pm


UltraSuperNew Gallery
1-1-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

*JR Harajuku Station (Takeshita Ex.) – 6 mins walk
*Tokyo Metro / Kitasando Station (Ex. 2) – 6 mins walk
*Tokyo Metro / Meiji Jingumae Station (Ex. 5) – 10 mins walk

UltraSuperNew Gallery
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