KIT OF PARTS – 10 Years of Graphic Design by Ian Lynam

July 10th – August 3rd, 2015

Kit of Parts is an exhibition of work from the past decade by Tokyo graphic designer, educator and critic Ian Lynam in accompaniment to the launch of his new book, Parting It Out. The name of both the exhibition and the book reflects Lynam’s interest in the disassembly and reassembly of culture.

Kit of Parts is a curated overview of work from the past decade designing in Tokyo—posters, type design, skateboard graphics and assorted graphic design-related editorial work that highlight Lynam’s multiple modes of practice.

Parting It Out is a collection of essays spanning much of graphic design as it applies to aspects of contemporary culture – from the Olympics to typography to R. Kelly to Cuba to sign painting. The book is equal parts personal narrative, design criticism, design history and cultural study.

Ian Lynam runs a multidisciplinary Tokyo design studio that focuses on identity design, UI/UX, type design, interior design and editorial design. He is a graduate of Portland State University (B.S. Graphic Design) and California Institute of the Arts (M.F.A. Graphic Design). He is Chair of the MFA Graphic Design program at Vermont College of Fine Arts, faculty at Temple University Japan, and Meme Design School. He is the co-founder of Néojaponisme, is a regular contributor to the magazines IDEA and Slanted. His design studios client roster includes Google, Adobe, YouTube, Mozilla, and NASA.


『Kit of Parts』は、グラフィックデザイナー、教育者、批評家として東京をベースに活動するイエン・ライナムの過去10年の仕事を振り返る展覧会です。この展覧会『Kit of Parts』とライナムが新しく出版予定の書籍『Parting It Out』、この2つのタイトルはライナムが興味を持ち続けている「文化の分解と再構築」を反映したものです。

『Kit of Parts』では、ポスター、タイポグラフィ、スケードボードデザイン、そしてグラフィックデザインに関連する寄稿/編集など、ライナムが東京で過去10年の間に手がけてきた、多岐にわたる仕事を見ることができます。

『Parting It Out』は現代文化(オリンピック、タイポグラフィ、R. Kelly、キューバ、看板のデザインなど)の側面を垣間見ることのできる、グラフィックデザインを幅広く捉えたエッセイ集で、パーソナルストーリー、デザイン批評、デザインの歴史と文化の研究が万遍なく組み込まれています。