October 3rd – 19th, 2014

Showcasing a lust-worthy curated selection of hand crafted motorcycles, including previously unseen projects from three of the Kanto region’s most talked about custom houses, Speedtractor Industries’ Retro Moto exhibition will provide an emotive snapshot of local custom motorcycle culture and how Japan is leading new-wave motorcycle creative trends globally.

The opening event and exhibition at UltraSuperNew Gallery in Harajuku gives a unique opportunity for designers, motorcycle riders, aficionados and new comers alike to meet the creators as they speak candidly about their latest moto works to the public and gain insight into their creative process, design approach and the challenges faced by even the most accomplished builders.

Speedtractor Industries’ Creative Director Matthew Roberts explains, “Custom motorcycles are back with a vengeance and this new breed is booming worldwide. More owners are wanting bespoke design elements the mainstream manufacturers can’t or don’t offer. The Retro Moto event’s eclectic handful of scramblers, road racers, fun-bikes and retro concepts is the perfect ‘what’s hot’ cross-section from Speedtractor and collaborators Animal Boat and M&M Motorcycles”.

Indeed custom motorcycles have evolved from specialist pursuit to one of much broader lifestyle appeal, with media reports showing this new style design movement gaining momentum across Japan, North America, Europe, Australia, Indonesia and even India.

“it is not uncommon for even new riders to commission a bespoke build, and why not. Interiors, clothing, music and travel experiences are all now tailored to express the individual and we see more people appreciate the value in having us create the perfect motorcycle design for THEM, rather than compromise their taste with understandably limited showroom offerings” says Roberts.

For latest event information and updates, visit www.retromotojapan.com or
email Matthew Roberts at info@speedtractor.com

Speedtractor Industries is a boutique motorcycle design studio specializing in creating retro infused custom motorcycles based on recent model technology. Their signature style has won fans and clients locally and across Europe, North America, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Located in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Open by appointment only. Speedtractor is the producer and an exhibitor for the Retro Moto event.

Exhibitor – Animal Boat Customs is a local motorcycle custom house specializing in 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s motorcycle customization, vintage racers and servicing. Located in Ota-ku, Tokyo.

Exhibitor – M&Ms Motorcycles is a local motorcycle custom house specializing in 1960’s, 70’s off-road motorcycle customization, events and restoration. Located in Zama-Shi, Kanagawa.



この度、「スピードトラクター」と「ウルトラスーパーニュー・ギャラリー」が共同プロデュース、東京のトップビルダー「スピードトラクター」、「アニマルボート」、「M&Ms モーターサイクルズ」 が一同に介して最新カスタムバイクを披露するエキシビション「RETRO MOTO ~ “レトロスタイル2014” クラシック・カスタムバイクの最前線」を開催致します。展示されるのは、スクランブラー、ロードレーサー、そしてヴィンテージ・モトクロスといったファッショナブルでレトロの香り高い人気車種です。


お問い合わせは下記まで: www.retromotojapan.com

マシュー・ロバーツ event@speedtractor.com




www.speedtractor.com (アポイントは予約のみ)





*「M&Ms モーターサイクルズ」

同じくバイク界で著名なM&Ms モーターサイクルズは、主に1960年~70年代のオフロードバイク(モトクロス、スクランブラーズ・タイプ)のカスタマイズ、リペア等を行う。神奈川県座間市。