Rising Up Studios: Women of Independence

January 13th – 15th




​I​t’s a photo documentary exhibition that took a year and a half to finish. It showcases candid photos of Japanese pole and burlesque performers, each unique candid photo highlight their stage shows and their private lives off the stage including their vibrant yet down to earth personalities.

All eighteen performers have an individual story that express what it truly means to be independent by forging their own path towards their goals of happiness.

These are their stories. The documentary photo exhibition will also have a book that’ll be sold at the gallery that tells the story of each dancer, so the reader can get a true in depth look of what makes these women truly special.

Artist profile/アーティストプロフィール

彼の作品は主に肖像画であり、被写体になる人が持つ本当の個性をレンズを通して伝える事に注力している。インターナショナルフォトグラファーとして3年半、ブラジル、コスタリカ、カナダ、アメリカ、スペイン、オランダ、日本など様々な国で活動を続ける。日本へ移住してからRising Up Studios (ライジングアップ スタジオ) を立ち上げ、彼の鮮明な想像力と堅実さは人々に幸せの道標を築くインスピレーションを与えている。

Stephen Jackson
Is an international professional photographer who was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. He started focusing on photography while living in Saudi Arabia. He enjoyed the fact that the only limitation in photography was a limited imagination.

At an early age, his mother taught him to always work hard for what he wants and that anything is possible. This is the code that he lives by when it comes to photography. His main focus is taking portraits of people and showing their true character through his lens. He’s been an international professional photographer for three and a half years now; working in countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, America, Spain, The Netherlands, and Japan. He also started his own company, Rising Up Studios, after moving to Japan. His vivid imagination, and down to earth personality, is what inspires others to forge their own path in what makes them happy.

Exhibition Period/展示期間

展示期間: ​1月​13日(金) 〜 1月15日(日)

1月13日(金) ​19​時〜​

営業時間: 12:00 ​〜 ​20:00​

Date: January 13th(Fri) – 15th(Sun)

Special opening event:
January 13th, from 7pm until 10pm
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Opening Hours: 12pm – 8pm


UltraSuperNew Gallery
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-1-3


UltraSuperNew Gallery
1-1-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

*JR Harajuku Station (Takeshita Ex.) – 6 mins walk
*Tokyo Metro / Kitasando Station (Ex. 2) – 6 mins walk
*Tokyo Metro / Meiji Jingumae Station (Ex. 5) – 10 mins walk