STRANGELANDS by Lynn and Tony

November 1st – 22nd, 2013

“Strangelands” is a continuously evolving project, exploring a strange, hidden world that surrounds us. It physically exists between the boundaries of the everyday and the exotic—marginal places such as abandoned quarries, deserted beaches and swamps.
It’s a world inspired by the Decadence – where the creation of a mythic, dreamlike state overcomes the observational quality of the photographic process. The resultant effect is a combination of abstraction and realism, producing a body of work that is as intimate and beautiful as it is mysterious and resounding.Inspired by the land — the texturally rich elements around them — their world is a place where rare, imperfectly beautiful things dwell. A shard of quartz, intricately hand-braided kangaroo leather, a burning field of sugar cane — slivers of earth, time and memory are cast into their work.
Each piece of jewelry is of a limited edition and is a real labour of love with Lynn&Tony hand making everything themselves in their Sydney studio. It is work, which has a preoccupation with the sustainable, the artisanal, transfigurative and the personally affective. A universe of wonder speaks to Lynn&Tony, providing them with natural objects — visions and amulets unnoticed. In turn, the artists simply build.

ULTRASUPERNEW GALLERY × Subject Matter Artコラボレーション企画展・第二回は、「Strangelands」と題されたプロジェクト。「Strangelands」はいわば私たちの周りに隠された「奇妙な(英:strange)」世界の探求です。例えば、廃墟となった採石場、荒びれた浜辺や沼地のなど、日常とエキゾチックな光景の間に横たわる境界線などが挙げられるでしょう。 デカダンからインスピレーションを得られたこの世界観は、神話に出てくるような幻想的な景色を写真という形で客観的に構成していきます。水晶の欠片、凝った手編みを施したカンガルーの革、燃え盛るサトウキビ畑 —彼らの作品には、ひとかけらの地球、時、そして思い出が込められています。抽象とリアリズムの融合、美しくリラックスした雰囲気でありながらも、どこかミステリアスで心の奥にひっかかるような作風を、是非ご高覧ください。