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Black and Beautiful: Black women’s voices in Japan

  • Sat, Feb 15
  • Open today
    12:00 - 19:00
  • Free entrance

Overcoming differences in culture, race, and gender identity, Bae Tokyo was established in 2015 as a devoted community to support talented female creatives. Through creative, unique events in collaboration with various artists, Bae Tokyo has been providing a platform to introduce music and culture from around the world. Bae Tokyo aims to not only promote artists but also to foster an inclusive environment that connects everyone inside and outside of the community to come together.

Last year, Bae Tokyo and UltraSuperNew gallery in Harajuku collaborated to host #MadeByShe, a series of cultural and art events throughout the year in Tokyo. In February, we celebrated Black History Month with MadeByShe: Black in Tokyo which was a great success. This year, we are honored to have Serah Alabi, a talented Nigerian-German photographer based in Japan, exhibit her work which highlights black women in Japan. Alongside the exhibition, we will also be hosting a panel with the women in Serah’s work, discussing their experiences while living in Tokyo. The exhibition will run across the weekend of the 15th-16th February, with the panel discussion on the evening of Saturday February 15th. Be sure not to miss some important and stimulating conversations. 

Message from Serah

“Black History Month is about celebrating the achievements of the black community in all types of fields across the diaspora. The accomplishments of black women and their voices have been overlooked around the globe, and therefore this year I want to open up a conversation on black women in Japan and how they are creating a new space of recognition for themselves and others. Touching on topics such as representation, identity and diversity of the black heritage in Asia, the exhibition will connect black women from all nationalities, and those who are sharing their stories, cultures, ethnicities, languages, backgrounds and experiences in Tokyo. This will further educate people on black cultural individuality and interpersonal experiences and present an opportunity to celebrate and immortalise their contribution, while making clear the necessity of black women’s voices to movements such as gender equality.”

Artist Profile

Serah Alabi is a native Nigerian-Germany raised writer and photographer based in Tokyo. She completed her Bachelor of Arts with a first class degree in Fashion Journalism in London. Alabi held her first solo exhibition in Tokyo, which was part of an embodied research, discussing gender issues in Japan. Currently she is working as a content manager for WomEmpowered International; an organisation that is committed to empowering women and promoting gender equality in Japan.