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Experience presents several local DJs who are fully committed to taking you to another dimension through euphonic rhythms and silky cadences. Drop in and bask in tunes that knows no creative boundaries.

Artist Profiles

DJ rubi

In the past couple of years, Rubi has left her mark in the electronic music scene with a uniquely recognizable sound. She has built a style by bringing together musical influences from around the world, a habit that fuels her sets as she crosses styles and genres to deliver an unusual journey. An avid digger, Rubi has become a reference when it comes to underground music and forgotten records, a passion and curiosity she shares through her eclectic YouTube channel.

With its 4 releases selling out within days and turning in the bags of some of the most respected players of the scene, Kommuna Tapes has become a pillar in the industry. Today, Rubi has relocated to Asia where she aspires to continue her pursuit through the unknown spheres of electronic music characterized by ever-changing rhythms, little vocals, strange drum patterns and everything that is a bit outside of the usual.