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Digi Lab: Panel Discussion on Art x Blockchain

The onset of the digital age has afforded new opportunities to both artists and the systems that would support them. And along with the development of technology, new forms of art expression, and interactive & experimental media, we are still creating novel and compelling artworks sometimes exclusively deployed and exhibited on the network. As art and it’s practitioners fully embrace the network and vice versa, what potentials for change do tokenization, the distributed ledger, cryptography, consensus models, and the blockchain concept overall have on the art world? Is it destined for massive change, or is it just another step towards greater control?

In this panel discussion we invite a multidisciplinary collection of people to exchange thoughts on the topic of digital art and the blockchain.

Speaker Profiles

Ann Kilzer

Ann Kilzer is the lead software engineer at Curvegrid, a blockchain solutions company based in Tokyo. She works on everything from full stack development of Curvegrid’s middleware product to writing smart contracts in solidity. She is excited about the potential for creative projects in DApp development. Previously, Ann worked as a backend developer on Indeed's search engine team. She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin and Bachelors Degrees from Gonzaga University with majors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Visual Art.

Jeffrey Koh

Jeffrey is Director of Strategic Ventures at Chemistry. He is tasked with enabling blue sky activities for the organization. In the past he has worked as an artist, and was previously Assistant Director of the National Gallery Singapore. As a designer, he has developed catwalks for PRADA and Miu Miu for OMA. Recently he worked as an advisor in the areas of AI and fine art, and is a Fellow of the EF. Jeffrey earned his PhD in Engineering Sciences from NUS, and has numerous patents and publications for his research. He currently sits on the advisory board for the NPE Gallery, is a Peer of the Australia Council for the Arts, and is a Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer for UNSW in Sydney, Australia.

Samson Sylvain

In charge of cultural program at the cultural service of Institut français du Japon – Tokyo since 2010, and particularly for visual arts and special events. He’s program director for Digital Choc, a French / Japanese media arts festival held by Institut français du Japon every year in February since 2012. Since September 2018, he’s cultural attaché at the French Embassy in Japan.

Marc Wesseling

Co-founder and director of UltraSuperNew, a creative agency born & raised in Harajuku with offices in Tokyo and Singapore. The international USN team of 40+ people is working since 2007 on clients such as Red Bull, Heineken, MINI, Evian, Skyn condoms, Adobe, Google, EA-sports, Casio G-shock etc. Originally from Amsterdam, Marc has been living in Japan since 2002. Before Tokyo he has been working in advertising and digital media at various companies in San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong. He is addicted to snowboarding and the Japanese Alps is where he spend most of his weekends. Marc has his masters of Law (LLM) degree from the University of Leiden, specialized in Media Law.

Marisa McKnight

Marisa currently sits on the Business Development team at Quoine; a global cryptocurrency exchange with licensing in Japan. Prior to Quoine, Marisa was at BlackRock; the largest asset manager in the world. Growing up between US & Japan, and passion to travel led to her interest in global economic empowerment. When discovering Bitcoin in 2016 and blockchain technology, Marisa realized the potential to disrupt several industries with decentralization on the blockchain.